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Tuesday, 8 September 2020



In the state government's store, the state of the state government's store, the new 118 government high schools allowed the decision to start only 67, 57 percent of the high schools in the primary school will be started in the primary school, new high schools will be started in these districts in Ahmedabad 2 5 5. Ahmedabad 3 Patan 5 1 2 1 3 Chhota Upur 2 Kutch 2 1 5 1 1 1 1 The poor and middle class children can get education for free, for the district school number Deval Dwata Rajkot Kheda allowed to provide new government Aravalli High Schools New 118 government government secondary schools in the state since the 2019-20 academic year. However, the latter started to start 18 secondary schools again from June, 201. But this decision was also allowed on June 2020. From the Lok Sabha elections, the government has turned into a circular, said 57 percent, that is, only 67 schools delayed, the delay in the Department, the second notification from the department has been decided to start the school starting the second-school building started in the primary school house. The matter was hanging. All instructions from the effect have been processed 107 to get administrative approval after the non-tribe of the suspended state. In the area 94 and the tribal government secondary schools, the "Message" in the area of the August 118 was reported on the 118th new school house in the area of August 118.

Parents will have to pay a fee in 3 installments, 70% of schools in Rajasthan will be able to ensure: High Court's order 1 Jaypura Rajasthan High Court ordered to take 70% of the total fees to all schools of the state. After the Rajasthan High Court's ruling, schools can not get more than 70% fee from guardians. Justice SP Sharma charged 70% fee for the appeal of private schools, challenging the decision of the Rajasthan High Court of apologies for the entire period of lockdown, and the guardians of 33s by 31 January 2021 If the guardian fee does not fill the school that can not cut the student's name but can exclude from the online class. It is worth mentioning that by three applications, private schools challenged the order of the state government April 9 and 7 July. Due to Corona, the Rajasthan government banned the fee levy until the private schools open. Rock for three months on taking advanced fees.

In Gujarat, two and a half lakh children left private schools and got admission in government  During a program held at Gandhinagar 1, parents are now taking admission of more than two and a half lakh children in government schools in Gujarat and in private schools in their hometown or nearby Korona Kaher.  Government School- A school's economic condition has deteriorated.  Even after the August-September order under the High Court's Admissions Campaign for the last two years, under the one-school campaign in private schools fees, semi-urban, most children are dropping out of private schools to provide relief.  .50 lakh was said.  Already reported due to Corona Kher.  Physical education in schools is closed as soon as urban-semi-urban students drop out of private school, further details have come out as the number of children continuing online education at low cost of getting admission in government schools in government areas.  However, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudsama, annoyed by the arbitrariness of the private school administrators' fee-for-education system, has already started preparations to do so.

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