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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Top 10 call tracking software in India

Top 10 call tracking software in India

Deetya Soft IVR

Deetya Soft IVR software is one of the best calls tracking software that permits you to run data analytics reporting and come up with options to prevent call failures. It being messaging collaboration software it comes with abilities to let agents pickup calls on priority and generate tracking reports.

    Agile CRM


Agile CRM is automated software web-based on comprehensive customer relationship management solution for enterprises. Marketing, sales and service proceedings can be done through this single platform. Is trusted by 15,000+ customers from all around the globe and is equipped with 50+ sales features smooth the progress of management potential and pre-existing clients. It provides you active integrations with external platforms like Twitter, Google Apps, Face book, LinkedIn and more facilitating easy contact management   marketing.


It offers top-notch telephonic capability of enhanced communication with clients. Furthermore, organizations can see last calls and record them and receive calls from their customers using the same.



Call Hippo


CallHippo provides a lot of features for the business users to increase their productivity and working functions. Depending on the needs of your service you can pick a perfect plan.

Automation process of this app helps the employees to handle repetitive tasks so that they can work on large handles. Exact-time alerts gives you bird’s view eye so you can take decisions and achieve operational efficiency.


Call Rail

With Call Rail you can track and manage your phone guides with an amazing IVR application of call centre software. For Increasing Sales & Revenue you can use call Tracking, Recording, Phone Numbers, Dynamic Tracking, Real-Time Data, Integrations, Custom Call Flows, and Beyond Calls. Visitor & Keyword-Level Tracking, Dynamic Number Insertion, Campaign-Level Call Tracking, Multi-Channel Call Attribution, Form Submissions, and Real-Time Analytics & Actionable Insights in contact centre solution.


 Media hawk

Media hawk is Call tracking shows your PPC, email, social, print, and other marketing campaigns which makes your phone rings and gives you free call centre software solutions. It also tracks advertising response with local peoples and improves sales conversions from all your online and offline marketing campaigns.


Engage bay


Engage bay is a package CRM that simplifies your sales, marketing, and customer support tasks for businesses. Your routine tasks such as email communication, contact management, deals tracking, help desk automation, live chat all things are automated in the solution.

Engage bay identifies new opportunities and adapt more visitors with deal management, appointment scheduling and sales                                                 automation. You can resolve queries quickly on                                                 customer service.




Lucep is a CRM Software is mainly designed for Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This perpetual web based CRM Software has a simple user interface and it’s easy to use. Lucep CRM Software provides perfect solutions for all businesses and industries. Software helps you out with Digital Marketing, Instagram, Lead Distribution and CRM Sales Process.



800. Com



800. Com is a cheap Call Tracking Software intended to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Call Tracking Software provides all along solutions for all businesses and industries.  It helps with Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, e-Notes and Call Recording. Also help you out in Call & SMS Filtering, Caller ID and Alerts & Notifications.



Cloud Talk


Cloud Talk is one of the great call centre CRM software mainly for sales companies. The software helps further to outreach and brings improvement in customer interactivity. Proper management of customer relationships globally and also with international phone number. Company allows you to create a virtual call centre to manage all the workflow in a digital register with all the information such as time, type, and duration of the call, follow-ups, etc. 

Cloud Talk is a scalable call that is easily customisable according to the user needs. The software can flawlessly integrate with other applications for lead management and better sales output.

 Call Source


Call Source is call recording software that is used to calculate the performance of sales and marketing calls of call centre companies. The software has an inbuilt performance coaching for the sales and customer support teams. An advanced technology and highly reactive customer service, aiming at your growth of your business. This call recording tool support teams to address customer queries satisfactorily.


Unique features of Call Source software are:

1.    Reputation Management

2.    Performance Management

3.    Digital Management

4.    Vanity Phone Numbers


To solve and strategize problems it provides insights to  benchmark the progress against industry standards as you can continually struggle to get better.





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