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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Top 7 real time bus tracking system suppliers In India


Top 7 real time bus tracking system suppliers

 In India


 India is acknowledging robustly for changing and improving economic outline after the period of Lock down and their negative impacts on daily lives: Schools are reopening; businesses are trying to get back on the path; Factories are getting engaged again; transportation is on its boom. Fleet tracking software are also entrapping attention by companies that manage and provide a fleet of buses.


     A genuine bus tracking system uses GPS to track the exact location of a bus. This helps in controlling your fleet, no matter how much the size keeps the cost low and high profits; keeps the functioning of your nimble smooth. The following  software does this for you. These are customizable and involve features of your choice. They provide real time visibility.


1  1.One Step GPS Fleet Tracking system


One Step GPS is a affordable Fleet tracker. One can also track your vehicles and see the travel records of the particular vehicle. A fascinating feature is that you can accept alerts for bad driving habits. It keeps a check on the activities of drivers which brings  safety for the passengers and also improves road safety. But this software is not bounded to above features. It has much more to present you.


 See your vehicles turn-by-turn.

Gives alerts for acceleration, sudden braking, long drive.

No software downloads required.

Vehicle maintenance alerts after certain limits.

 Cost: $13.95/month for one device; On Charge of the service, first month, last month, and $20 activation fee are levied – You must return devices at the end of your subscription term.


2       2. Clear Path GPS

Clear Path GPS Company gives you GPS fleet tracker with total control. This handy web-based software also includes free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices with Full-service installation and onsite support are also provided. A worth feature of this software is that it has no paperwork.


 30-second updates with Verizon reliability.

Option to buy flexible hardware.

Professionally installed with warranty.

You can terminate service any time


Standard Subscription: $20 per month (for powered devices), $15/month (for non-powered devices).

Pro Add On: $5 per month.


3    3.Teletrac Navman


      Teletrac Navman is a well known distributor of web-based GPS fleet tracking and self-operating solutions. It tracks more than a million vehicles and other assets around the continents. Company helps in managing their fleet and mobile workforces by using a single platform. Teletrac Navman drives efficiency for more than 40,000 businesses around the world.

 Key Features:

 Helps maximizes productivity to better serve customers.

Adapts fleets of any size.

Reduce operational complexions.

Supports existed technology in your vehicle.

24/7 access to data for making perceptive decisions with minimal risk.

Provides access to Mapping, routing, vehicle analytics, workflow, and much more.


Cost: You can contact for a quote.


    4. Agile Fleet Commander

       Agile Fleet Commander is fleet tracking software is the perfect for sharing vehicles,           analyzing vehicle usage, well organised vehicles, and getting your fleet to the perfect          size.


Simplified usage.

You can multitask the options.

Autoupdates of Maintenance control panel and get a summary of maintenance activities.

Web-based solution.

Provision of automated maintenance reminders. Reports authorise you to spot movement, costs, and strengths and weaknesses in your maintenance program.

 Cost: You can contact for a quote


5. Azuga

Azuga Company can keep a track on vehicles, driver scores, rewards, characteristics, need of maintenance, and much more with the help of Azuga. Azuga is easy to use and powerful, lesser use of fuel, repairs, and premium costs. It covers everything, from instant-install OBD adapters to cloud-based software complete with your smartphone apps.


Offers unique driver rewards program.

Accurate information in tracking.

 Accumulates the data up to 10 times more often than other.

No closing fees to be paid.

Driver friendly system.

 It gives the drivers real time safety scores and the great performing drivers get rewards.

 Helps fleet managers to keep a check on avoidable things that driver follows.

Excellent GPS tracking system provides data, history, averages, and alarming sensor on speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, excessive idling, and other safety and performance related measures.

 Cost: You can contact for a quote.

 6. Fleetio

 Fleetio is a futuristic web-based fleet management platform, which makes it simple way  to manage and track vehicles and other equipment from any place on land. This allows     tracking, examine, and improving fleet operations effectively manageable, anyway the   size of your fleet.

 Key Features:

 Software is built to support integrations.

Fleetio iterates rapidly with software updates.

Uses mobile-first approach to fleet tracking.

Cost: FREE trials are available.

          You can contact for a quote.


7. Brick House Security GPS Fleet Tracking

Brick House Security has an excellence in security, surveillance, and personal defence. This GPS fleet tracking software offers effectiveness. With this  you can monitor delicate routes of your vehicles, speed, average, stops, and much more.

 Key Features:

You can track your vehicles and assets in accurate time and locate them from literally anywhere.

Driver performance reports to know about productivity and work value.

This system grows with your business and permits you to monitor between 2 and 10,000 devices on their venture tracking platform.

Instant alerts with GPS hotspot when drivers get off course from preplanned routes.

Also get unlimited free technical service.

 Cost: You can contact for a quote.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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