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Thursday 7 December 2023



Relish tasty recipes for healthy kidneys with fitness tracker & calorie counter.

Savour on the goodness of an offline collection of healthy Renal Diet Meal Plan Food Recipes. Relish on nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds to defend yourself from kidney related ailments. Before trying your hands on these tasty recipes, know the Benefits of Renal Diet and the importance of this balanced diet to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Follow step by step simple instructions to cook nutritious Kidney Friendly Recipes and boost your energy like no other!

Simple step by step instructions of the Renal Diet Recipes in correct pans and serving along with a calorie tracker & a complete fitness guide.

Categories for Renal Disease Diet Recipes are:-

❖ Courses - Appetizer/Starter, Soup, Entree, Dessert and more.
❖ Taste Buds - Spicy, Salty, Tangy and all the flavors of your choice.
❖ Cooking Type - Heat, Bake, Stir & Grill your ingredients in all ways you like.
❖ Appliances - Pan, Pot, Oven, Cooker and many more for you to experiment with.

Application Features of Renal Disease Diet Recipes are:-

❖ Learn what you are cooking with the nutritional values of all Kidney Friendly Recipes and all ingredients. Get to know the calorie intake along with macros and micronutrient profile of your renal friendly food.

❖ Cook “Hands-Free” by just listening to the ChefChili’s instructions through voice command.

❖ Ingredient Benefits - Know your ingredients and their benefits.

❖ Fitness Tracker - BMI calculator, Calorie counter, Calorie tracker, Daily activity tracker, Step tracker, Workout tracker, Water intake, Sleeping activity. Are you eating healthy but still not achieving your goals?  Get a complete guide for your routine activities and bodily intakes for a day to keep track and maintain a healthy balance. Know the root cause pulling you back and excel in your health goals.

BMI Calculator - Learn your body mass index and know body ratio category.
Calorie Tracker - Sync your activities with this health and fitness app and know the calories you burn.
Step Tracker - Sync your daily steps with our step tracker.
Workout Tracker - Log your fitness journey to achieve your fitness goals.

❖ Health and Wellness - Balance your body, mind and soul with Yoga and Meditation with us, for a healthier you!

❖ Cook With - Use the ingredients from your pantry to create a Renal Diet Meal Plan.

❖ Shopping  List - Add all or selected ingredients to your shopping list.

❖ TurboSearch℠ - Search for desired Kidney Friendly Foods by Type of Diet, Taste Bud, Course, Eating Time and many more filters.

❖ Lookup By - Look for Renal food recipes by their names or their main ingredient.

❖ Filter - To customize your search according to taste, allergies and diet preferences.

❖ EduBank℠ - Bookmark your favorite Renal Recipes.

❖ Dynamic Serving - Choose the size of your Renal meal and know exactly how much of an ingredient you need.

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To Get Fast Updates Download our Apps:Android|iOS|Telegram

Stay connected with us for latest updates

Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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