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Friday 9 October 2020



Findings of a survey conducted on online classes of 2200 teachers in the state: 44% of teachers do not pay attention to students in online classes. The students were very difficult. Extramarks on the results of the Corona Epidemic Survey in 3 or more states also often miss classes or were approved by 6% of age teachers. Schools have been closed since March due to connectivity problems, said Shaishav Kayastha, former education manager of West India. Were not accustomed to work in matters of discipline. Educational work is going on through 3 mediums. Many teachers are also reluctant to teach students online. 6% of teachers admitted that they are interested in doing digital online education and the teachers expressed the view that their use of the platform has led to many changes in the way they teach online classes. Over one percent of teachers are facing a flood of students during online. Gujarat education does not pay attention to find out that there is poor internet connectivity. The current 5% of teachers believe that the largest class of 500 teachers for online education is falling asleep in a survey class, often due to online education. 5% was done according to the opinion of teachers. Going to the bathroom to take part in the survey, eating or drinking something has affected personal life. While there are many things like inviting 500 teachers for students during online education, 5% of teachers do not pay enough attention to Kovid-12 vaccine while studying. It was 50 percent. Out of which 200 teachers distract their students. 56 per cent teachers want to go to school only after it comes in the market 20 per cent teachers 45 per cent teachers Kovid's teachers are the ones who responded to the students. 4% of teachers are online because they believe it is their safety that poor internet connectivity education is a challenging task as the school has difficulty explaining online only after the online vaccination. ૩૫ Anxiety is more. 3% of teachers want to start school and go to poor net class, 35%. Teachers along with students also consider students and teachers to be one per cent of the teachers that even after they are online they still consider students to be students of online connectivity. While 3% have the opinion to go to school only after traditional education in explaining online. There is no problem in giving તેમ as they are causing the problem. However, teachers have to consider online and traditional 5% of teachers as long as the vaccine is available. He emphasized on both the education for teachers of technical age group of more than 6 years. Having trouble in class is no problem. 



Notice to Forensic Science Uni in the writ petition filed for the entrance examination  This was not the case as the examinations were held on the same day as the admission dates and examination dates of other universities were given at that time.  On September 11, the applicant informed the High Court to the students who could not appear for the entrance examination of the university.  In which case the High Court examination will be held.  However, on the same day, the university and the state government were to be notified of their final semester in time and the examination was to be held.  Both have done dates.  The next hearing in the case is scheduled for October 15.  GFSU and the Director of Technical Applicant have submitted to the Education that she came from Gujarat University, but did not get any full response from them for graduation in Biotechnology.  This has done the problem.  A writ petition has been filed in the court along with online for a master's degree course in forensic biotechnology in SU on July 1 as he has been harassing GF-many other students.

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