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Saturday 10 October 2020



Urgent demand by parents for clarification on this issue. The dilemma regarding the reduced and retained points of the 9-10 course is given in the details 
. In Std. 9 and 10, in the science subject, many issues have been kept the same in the syllabus and due to that, nine issues have been declared removed from the syllabus. In which the canceled and current Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education issues have been the same recently by a Secondary Education Board, which issues have been continued from Std. 9 due to the epidemic of Koro and the syllabus of 10 is being reduced by 20%. An announcement has been made to put in place what has been removed online. In the study, many students, parents and teachers are also facing complaints about the standard of difficulty faced by the board. 

 From which chapter how many questions had to be raised. In addition to this, the details that the Central will be less in this regard by the guardians have been made urgently by the public board by submitting the status of Corona to the board. However, Std. 8 was announced to reduce the course by 20% to clarify the issues and was canceled in 10th Science. Demands have also been made. As there are similarities in some of the issues in Std. 9th Science, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 recently, the issues which were kept by the Gujarat Board in Std. 6th and 8th are 90% in the syllabus of students-parents. The same issues have arisen as cancellations have been canceled. Has been shown to have been announced. Today was due to the Corona epidemic. At present, even in Std. 10, in Std. 10, in Science, in the last six months, when schools have been closed, how much has been reduced? Has been.


After 4 rounds of admission, 28111 students were admitted, more than 12 thousand seats became vacant. Whether to wait for the result of supplementary examination for vacant seats in Commerce or not, the result of supplementary examination on 2111 seats. . However, to fill those different colleges on the basis of merit, 15 seats are still allotted in the colleges for vacancies, but there are a number of students. Eight students agreed to qualify for the fourth round after four online rounds this year. But waiting for what to do for the vacant seat out of which 4 students have not been decided by the college. The possibility of being was also allotted. On the other hand, the sources of the current university say that next year, the result of the supplementary examination for admission in courses including commerce will be made public in Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad. Approximately 6 thousand students are to be registered. This position was currently rounded. However, even if the registration is done, after joining the Gujarat University in the supplementary examination, there are currently four possibilities for many students to get admission in colleges, including commerce, for a private pass. It is also possible that after the completion of the round of admission process in universities and other courses, 16 seats have been taken up by the commerce associated with the university. Due to which the supplementary examination has become vacant. No decision has been taken yet on what to do next for this vacant seat, even in colleges including BBA-BCA, after the announcement of around four to five thousand results. . Proceedings are initiated by the committee. Admission by university is likely. Complementary on the other hand has been the recently completed supplement. For the first time in the online process so far, four rounds of this admission process have been completed only after the result of the end of the current month. Proceedings have also been initiated to express the possibility of coming by in general. At the end of four rounds so far two or three have been online.

Hirapur DPS: Std. 1 to 8 accreditation revoked: Rs 50 lakh fine Ahmedabad The accreditation of Std. 1 to 8 of the controversial DPS in Hirapur in the eastern part of Ahmedabad has finally been officially announced by the Primary Education Department and a fine of Rs 20 lakh has been imposed. The approval of the Central Board was obtained by the administrators of this school by presenting a false NOC of the State Government. Apart from this, there was a huge controversy over the issue of donating school land to the ashram. The school had earlier been de-recognized by the Central Board and the government. But the administrators were ordered to go to court and take action after completing all the procedures by the court. Due to which, after completing all the formalities, the Department of Primary Education has again officially announced the de-recognition of Primary Education i.e. Std. 1 to 8.

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