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Saturday 17 October 2020



Teachers should be employed for less than two years or more and their name should be included in the staff list submitted by the school to the Fee Determination Committee Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education by the Secondary Education Board. Should be. In addition, when the primary voter online information is to be held, the teachers have started checking the list in the data of UDISE and their names have been included. As per the rules, private school teachers should be required to meet the five conditions of their salary through the bank and they should be ordered to register as voters only if they are appointed by the board. This can happen. However, this time the teachers can be included only if the non-granted voters are also included in the voter list of the teacher if they do not comply with the conditions fulfilled by all these matters. The primary voter for the name board election cannot be included in the voter list if the exercise for finding voters violates any of these conditions. So the Gujarat list has been published. In which contrary to the guideline of State Secondary Teachers Union Federation and Board and Gujarat State Higher Secondary Teachers falsely wrote letters to their teachers by some Federation of Non-Granted Schools. Hoy has expressed urgency to find them. Non-granted school tax and if such teachers are found, their teachers are asked to apply at least to the school from which they have registered for the board by October 17 in front of the voter list. * The ears are started.

Despite the boom of exploitation, massive exploitation of employees by re-contract movement is detrimental, the government has formed a high-level committee to review the new policy. The state government has said that if most of the outsourcing agencies include all the employees in the National Health Mission or other new health schemes, the state government will get a benefit of 18 per cent. Despite the contract of the agencies in the department, the policy of the organizations is the same as if the new tender process for the completion of female health works, labs has been ordered to stop at present technicians, pharmacists etc. If the demand to abolish outsourcing is not taken up by the government and the outsourced employees are not outsourced by the government. It is feared that there will be no permanent recruitment until the government re-adopts the old system. Until it adopts a new form in the National Health Mission, if it is not clear that it wants to take action on the aggravated documents, the employee will be opposed by three if it is included. So will be out. At the same time, Gujarat Janata Jagruti Manch's leading Rs 8,000 can be saved only by abolishing the current tender system of Rs 4,000 and the government's six-sourcing system. Class requested. But until a decision is taken, outsourcing Rajinikanth Bhartiya has said that even the recruitment of 4 outsourcing outsourcing agencies' tenders for sourcing online is the current policy of the government treasury and not to work outside the fixed salary rules of 14,800. However, the committee has been instructed to issue a notification to the effect that both the employees are harmed. Following the policy by the next state government, the health department has issued a high instruction to the government to take a decision regarding the implementation of such government employees. That is the impression. Is. Outsourcing Policy The government and the Empowered Committee have been formed. To review the Deputy Policy of the Health Department through a committee which is detrimental to both almost all the employees in the Health Department to conduct new tenders on Outsourcing. In spite of the expiration of the National Agency's contract, it was objected that if the policy was continued in the future instead of abolishing all cadres under the Health Mission, it would be a matter of urgency for the next regulators to consolidate manpower and streamline it. Not only will the committee be reconsidered but it was also decided to give a policy for outsourcing agencies to ineligible people. The picture is emerging. But it will also be encouraged.

In Saurashtra Uni., 8 out of 12 passed: 150 failed in online. Anchai: Ph.D.  Free Exam T Rajkot A student was admitted to Saurashtra University two hours before the exam after a complaint was lodged in the Grievance Cell of students who could not take the exam due to network problem.  Gir Somnath, a student of the physics building of the university, lives in front of many messes including the message of technical hall ticket in the entrance examination of D.  they came .  His home-based online exam was on Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.  However, he received more than 200 messages giving the exam at 1 pm.  If he went to get the hall ticket, he knew that 4 examinees fell out of the students and today is the exam.  Were caught stealing.  While giving 12 Ph.D.  Entrance - Merit Test 8 candidates passed the entrance test of Ph.D. simultaneously.  If you don't know about it, the student's year will be ruined.  Since the university does not realize that both the entrance examination for Ph.D. and the merit test are both online and simultaneously and its online form is also the same, offline, the M.Phil.  One of the students did not fill the form.  In which 12 students and now one year will be wasted.  Examined for 9 subjects.  At present, 10 candidates have gone to laptops with 108 guides.  Some survived, however.  The space is empty.  Around 200 computer screens were set up online by students sitting at home due to a network problem.  Which was an exam for students who could not be seen on camera.  However, the network sits next to the screen and forms a ravans cell.  In which the examinee was repeatedly answering due to the problem.  Students will be able to Riyadh.  He faced the problem of disconnect out of which 3 candidates had their free time examination.  Will be caught faster than online.

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