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Sunday 18 October 2020



All Gujarat Board of Trustees has written a letter to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani demanding to give mass promotion to students in Std. 1 to 9: Guardianship Navgujarat Time>  Decided to.  As it is impossible to prepare the result by taking the examination during this period, the Board of Guardians has demanded to send the students of Std. 1 to 9 to the upper class by promotion.  Even after Diwali, there is no possibility of educational institutions, especially schools, starting due to the Koro epidemic.  The government has announced that the new academic session will start from April 2021.  Even if the schools start after December, it is necessary to give the result mass promotion to the students by taking the examination in a period of three months.  If there are many difficulties in preparing for Std. 1 to 9.  Therefore, if a mass promotion is given, the All Gujarat Board of Governors has written a letter to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani demanding protection of health and safety of millions of students.  It seems so.  In this situation, even the Granted and Independent Schools and Education Department from Std.  Even though the current academic session is in progress, the hope that the coronavirus vaccine will be found among the parents is also facing a dilemma.  Really the school has its own way.  Thus, the government should conduct a monthly or quarterly examination after considering the demands of the parents and consider for mass promotion in Std. 1 to 9.

107 teachers of the district participated in the essay competition on education policy પ્રથમ Certificates awarded to the first place teachers in six sections Navgujarat time> Gandhinagar Matters by District Education and Training Bhavan  The reality of the policy in the century was that Patel as well as Nitin Kumar Chaudhary organized an essay writing competition.  107 teachers participated in this competition.  10 education policy booklets were given on Talim Bhavan's blog.  The online essay was held until October, held in six sections.  Dr. as the judge of the competition.  In this competition, first place in each section was to be sent.  Essay for teachers Hareshbhai Chaudhary (UNICEF), Prakashbhai awarded certificates to the teachers in the writing competition. A total of 107 students from the district (retired GCERT), Dr.  There was an entry.  Minalba Jadeja (Children's University) from each department was given national first place in the essay writing competition.  A served.  According to the education policy of the entire program, teacher readiness, first place winner Gaurav Joshi, inclusion in the principal education of planning training building, teacher training Ilakshiben Patel, Tejalben Vyas, I.V.  Under Patel's guidance hand school changes, positive Nileshkumar Prajapati, Hasmukhbhai was carried out.  Were born.

Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad Commuter Operator and Data Dentry Operator and Writer (work from home) was shown in various newspapers of the city from 8,500 to 18,500 on Thursday.  Was famous.  In pursuance of the application form of the candidate and the advertisement of Rs.  The cyber crime team arrested Shams and conducted further investigation after finding out that the announcement was misleading.  As soon as the job seekers came in different daily newspapers on Thursday, they declared the crime in the account of the accused in cyber Rs 14 lakh. All the registered investigations were carried out in Gujarat.  Applications were called for online inquiries under the surname of Pratapray Pandya.  This was also the case in this advertisement.  During the preliminary interrogation, the police were told that the investigation of Kovid-19 had revealed that as the job seekers were working with less staff so far, all the interviews amounting to Rs 14 lakh would be taken into the accused's account by phone.  All forms and fees were also submitted.  Only std.  The accused was told in cities like Rajkot and Gandhinagar to fill in the e-mail correspondence by studying online till 12.  Std.  It also has ten, twelve and graduate level offices.  The police have also launched an investigation against Sachin's Sagarit Raghuveer Singh, a person with educational qualifications, a business person named Sarvaiya, a customer service officer, a district officer.

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