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Tuesday 20 October 2020



State Pvt.  To fix the date of election of teachers union, discussion on the issue of H Tat, Badli Camp Gujarat State Pvt.  Erikbhai Khristi, other district teachers union functionaries were present as well as some office bearers of the committee meeting attended online.  The line was held in this meeting mainly to decide 4200 grade pay, HR of R Tat, H Tat to Delad: Concerning the working committee of Teachers Union to give the benefit of Gujarat State Primary consecutive job, H Tat to be considered as a meeting of academic staff Savli Taluka Primary, Taluka Badli Camp as well as Teachers Union.  Sharafi Mandali Taluka District Fair Change Camp, 2, Savli District, Vadodara, 20, 31, Ma - U  .  In the matter of increasing the service book limit of 25 State Primary Teachers Union in the standard, all the teachers were presided over in the training of President Digvijay Singh Jadeja, the matter of non-attendance was presented to the director as well as the matter of presenting on-line executive meeting, teachers were also asked to improve the district's children's vaccines.  This matter as well as the meeting of the State Primary Teachers Working Committee was held with a special discussion on issues like social distance as well as the matter of masks etc. to fix the date of union elections.  This was done. In the executive meeting, President Digvijay Singh Jadeja, Kiritbhai Patel and General Secretary Satish Patel, Arvind Chaudhary bin Harif Gokul Patel, Ranjit Singh Parmar were elected as the President of Surat District Union of the State Union.  Patel, Vishwajit Chaudhary, Arvind Chaudhary, came to pay special homage to the book.

Students demand for answer sheet of PhD entrance exam, answer key: Students staged a picket against the defects, sent an application to the Chancellor. Students sending application to Pethani (Nishu Kacha) Rajkot, Ta. 17: (Phoolchhab News): Despite being on the same subject, many questions were asked by different Saurashtra University on 15th October. The highest marks online exam PhD entrance exam was held. Of the giver. So there is also the question of transparency in the exam which is also offline due to turmoil. The marks of many students in that exam were like 10, 12, 20 of the students who took the exam online. His score in Merit had risen to 50 or 60 today amid talk of a better result. Why is that so in case of errors in PhD entrance exam? What is the reliability of such an examination? There was a difference in the methodology of the students who picketed as well as the demand to give the answer book and answer key of the entrance social science and language rule research exam. When the whole curry sent the application to the Chancellor. The same syllabus of Methodology of the Faculty of Arts was to be taken in the PhD entrance examination in English. Apart from that, after the decision of the syllabus, no questions were asked as decided in Gujarati. Happened. However, the translation of the English question paper raised issues like this, raising questions and using words from software such as Google Translation, the students demanded that their answer book did not fit the sentence. Then the students and the answer key are shown to them. So that the submission made in the application stated that he could self-assess from it. Meanwhile, the Gujarati translation of this paper was on campus with a demand to remove very poor quality defects. There were also many mistakes in the English language. One of the students staged a picket today.

On the basis of Unlock-6 guidelines, schools will be started in Gujarat.  Schools are closed across the state.  A joint meeting of online and health department of children is currently underway in the state under the chairmanship of Chudasama.  But the exam was still held.  Even after an hour, no decision has been made.  The meeting did not include preliminary discussions on how to start schools in the state and revitalize the educational complexes in the state.  At the same time, on what issue was said in the school, according to the information received from the education department, from which standard to which standard, we get the information from the central government.  Unlock-2's guideline and opinion is the most important in brainstorming about what will be done by the health department.  Was.  It is worth mentioning here that if covid comes in the state, it will be decided to make the health department responsible.  "We have an opinion from the webinar," said Health Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, referring to how the health department will be closed indefinitely.  Also to the department when these colleges and schools will open (see page 10).

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