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Friday 11 December 2020



7 thousand primary school teachers of Kheda district deprived of salary! હોવા As the grant has arrived, the government is doing its duty of allocating the grant. Some of which are done despite the clumsy administration. In Kheda district too, delays in salaries due to general impact on teachers have led to allocation of grants a month ago. Was done at such a time. But local salaries are being delayed. Navgujarat Time> Salary is being paid by Nadiad education department. Teachers have also become a topic of discussion due to lax policy among teachers. As well as being deprived of salary in primary schools of Kheda district. Today, more than 7,000 days of duty has come in addition to the 7,000 days of duty by the ten district primary education departments. This is happening. Which is not the case with teachers. In this regard, teachers are also rumbling to know from the sources of the education department that education is rumbling. Discipline was found that the accounting officer could not do so at the local level even though the teachers' salaries had come up as they had raised their voices after the grant was released by the leave department. But if there is a delay in paying from the apex. The matter is not coming to the notice of the District Development Officer if a grant is allotted for payment of salary due to this incompetence. It is learned that local level administrative staff has also arrived after the boom. For what reason has been delayed. So other arrangements in this regard are coming primary to Kheda district. It has also become a topic of over seven thousand schools where salaries are paid by organizing a discussion. Currently, teachers like Corona are assigned by the District Development Officer. These teachers have got their own by going to school on state days to get regular salaries even to know that the teachers have been alternated even in the epidemic.

Online - Offline Presentation to the Chancellor to keep the same question paper and marks in both the exams Gujarat University's online exam has been unfair to thousands of students.  »Online exam was taken.  Due to online and offline students if the university wants security and despite various arrangements and structure of question papers for safety, many of the online offline in small GTUs, students campaigned for random number, merit and assessment system deprived of student PG.  In the result declared online by Gujarat Uni as well as online, it was also proved that these irregularities were confessed by the professors in the offline examinations when the MCQ exam was announced.  The same OMR seat with Commerce can now be used by students in faculties like GTU Online Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad and Law.  So that by announcing that no assessment exam will be taken, 100 marks out of 100 and distinction will not be discriminated.  In addition if the whole is given.  Importantly, the next marks were obtained by Gujarat University!  If the question paper itself is MCQ based at that time, then the online exam should be taken by the board member of GTU. In the days to come, online and offline faculty will be required to make all MCQ compulsory in the faculty including law from now on and not to take online exam.  Should not give options of questions.  Because, done.  He also expressed his opinion to give online exam.  Again, every MCQ has an option.  Consent from aspiring students It is necessary for the university to make arrangements for online exam if students can be provided question bank.  The hostel is ordered.  On the other hand, as announced earlier, Gujarat University is good.  In addition to this, when the online examination and PG are closed, the MCQ-based question paper for the submission of letters in the online examination of the suburbs and for the presentation to the Chancellor of the Educational Union has revealed irregularities in the students during the examination.  In order to avoid any problem, the Gujarat University Academic Union, as in the past, in view of the irregularities that have taken place, should keep a time limit and allocate number of questions and various options for online and offline exams at different district centers instead of a single order.  In addition to keeping the structure of Ahmedabad city question paper the same, students should be deprived of admission in PG in irregular order so as to reduce the burden of students on irregularities and special arrangements have been made for online examination.  Online can be avoided in this situation.  Can avoid transition to online exams.  Thus, the university has demanded to be erected.  Online and offline mode is being set up to demand proper arrangement of seats allotted in the examination centers as the situation is arising out of the injustice done by the university last September with all these issues being fixed by the academic union.  The university has come up with an online exam where students can take the exam.

Dates for the month of December-January have been allotted to the talukas of different districts. Orders have been sent to send the service books of the primary teachers as per the order.  The service books will be accepted more to accept the service books of the teachers but the case of higher salary scale was presented by the Union of States per taluka, to be sent to Gandhinagar once in two months in a number which will be followed by the Director of Primary Education.  So far the CRC, was happening.  However, in proportion to the establishment by the Primary Education Office, the BRC service books were sent separately through the instruction to send the information received from the DPC Director's Office through the service book, according to the approved establishment of the taluka.  Instead, the instruction to send the teachers' service book in the quota of that taluka will have to be sent to different districts of the state.  Is given.  The talukas have been allotted dates for December and January for various talukas of Kutch as well as for the month of Treasury Director and the service book has to be sent before 30th December by the office, Gandhinagar as per the establishment of Kovid-18.  20, Bhachau 20, Mandvi 20, Abadsa teachers have been given higher pay scale cases.  However, due to this 20, Nakhtrana 20, Anjar 20, Mundra taluka 4 were to be sent, but the teachers will not benefit.  At present there are 30, Gandhidham 20, Lakhpat 20 as well as teachers in every taluka of the state up to 6-4 Anjar Nagarpalikas of that taluka every month. Since the establishment is different, those service books are accepted.

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