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Thursday 3 December 2020



Urgency to send marks in next two days due to non-receipt of marks of schools online Many schools of October unit test have not sent marks yet. Post-vacation answer books have been delayed due to evaluation and uploading. The unit was tested. But the online marks of these schools have been found by the education department to have students in private arrears in addition to government schools this year. The unit test, which started for October, also has a lot of unit test papers for schools at the end of the month. Were sent and Diwali schools have not yet uploaded the students in the vacation of the new academic session in the state has been found to be of that paper. After the start of the unit test, the schools have started writing the answers from the month of July onwards. After its completion, it will be checked by November 8 and its marks will be posted online. Have. However, the October marks are still off work and have been held to students. After July-August, even after the completion of this operation, many schools have not yet sent the unit through two online educations. An online test was conducted. The department has been instructed not to place the unit. After the Diwali vacation education started, the education department conducted the test and after two days of marking the schools, the parents urged the students to check the answer books of all the government and private students and submit them online. Get to know. The mark was not placed since this operation took place. According to which there is one every month. However, the unit was reopened in late December after completion in October. Unit testing has been initiated. The unit will be tested for a long time even after the test is completed.

The admission committee declared a silence program on the website rather than the official announcement of approval, for the initial meeting of a degree engineering from the government diploma, the committee has proposed to get the program announced in the approval of this additional round in Ahmedabad time. According to 3, M., 3 days, two days, in degree in Diploma, but after a long time, the government has been approved in an estimated 1900 in the college given to the government, given by government students to finally give the government to the registration and consent of the entry. Was important. Accordingly, the additional round of additional seats for new registration is that the entry committee is the last day of this approval Thursday. The decision of students has been made. Common Marritist Ta: The students who have been declared simply in government colleges have not been previously registered in the government colleges, exceeding the renewed registration, on the basis of more than 1900, on the basis of this round.

The students will be made for registration for the reminder of the registration till the allocation of entry to students. Which government has been given. In what branch of the Branch in the last day college in the last day of the college will be allocated in the college today. After the official announcement committee has come to the website of the Diploma in the third semester of the degree in the Diploma, then silently came to the website. Surprisingly that the entry of two rounds for entry into entry was announced round from 40 thousand. The committee only fell more seats in advertising on the website. Due to the diploma engineering in government rounds, students who do not see the previous website due to the previous website, due to more than 1900 results of regular colleges, include seats. The students who participated in the normal two rounds arose heavy trouble. The committee has been more rounded if the part of the entrance committee would have been announced by an additional renewed registration when the students were about two days ago by the students who did not have the sailing seats of government colleges. Runs have been instructed. Students could have benefited.

The replacement of the teachers in the state can be canceled or suspended from the local level »Changed the teacher's replacement set-up, according to the status of the Education Department of Education, the order was given January 15 to the Directorate Office of the primary education. For this, all the officials written to all the officials not implemented until all the officials are not implemented by the government, the Navigujarat Time is the necessary instructions to the Directorate of Ahmedabad. Besides, the state was currently given a voter. Changed camps also work in listing improvements. | The fact that currently running teachers in the state are underway. So that the state's various changes canceled from the local level, the first rise - the decreasing camp can not be postponed by the school's primary teachers. After the Department of District Interior Replacement Camp, the District Interior Replacement Camp, in the case of the Officer's work, the state's primary district replacement camp, district interior, in the case of teachers, the Director of Education is the instruction for the Director of Education - the instruction for replacement of the District Camp and District Fair January 15, 2021 Not even according to the instructions that can be canceled or suspended by the clarity department, the specification has been done according to the government. Changes in the state have clarified. Apart from this, the government received the notice from the government of the government's replacement in various districts of the voter state, after starting the performance of the work improvement, many districts came as a booth level officer and presented this even to keep this. In addition to the performance of the teachers who have assigned performance, in the progress of the Corona's episode, the covenant gets in the case of 15 January 2021. Instructions for replacement were given to the implementation of replacement orders to be implemented by the government's approval. However, the government has not been necessary to be required. According to the information received from the local level, according to the information received, the information that is given to the state of the state, the state's replacement will not be found to be 21 October, noted by the local level that can not be found in October 31, by the letter on August 31, 2020 Have been in debt.

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