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Wednesday 9 December 2020



We hope this guidance, also as brief summaries and links to resources, are helpful to education leaders, educators, and fogeys and families.

StudentBro is an online platform which provide animated educational videos from standard 1 to 12, video courses, reading material, MCQ tests. This will give students extra edge to their study. 

This app is for Gujarati Medium students. GSEB Standard 1 to 12 with science, commerce and arts (All NCERT updated books According to 2019)

Our Application overview:

– Animated Videos For Audio Visual Learning as per new NCERT syllabus

– GSEB / GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications)

–New 2020-21 NCERT (GCERT) Books

– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) & Rules

– GSEB Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12

– MCQ For Std 5 to 12 (currently adding)

– MCQ Provided As Per Curriculum and

– MCQ Provided As Per IIT-JEE/NEET for 11 and 12 Science 

– Old Question Paper + Sample paper GSEB

– Study Material for practice 

– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati

1) E-learning in Software Development

E-learning has become a channel for attracting new clients and an alternate option for advanced training of software developers In such a case, the e-learning development company makes it easier for people to master new professions because during this case, loyal users will come to large software developers and their customer base will expand.

2) E-learning on Social Networks

Platforms for social learning and custom content creation have now favored a distinct segment that unites social networks and learning management systems. generally , you'll build a profitable business on the knowledge of the community. for instance , a HowClip platform teaches the creation of videos for social media and, at an equivalent time, allows users to get , promote, and implement innovative solutions.

The classroom advantage

A school provides structure, support, and a system of rewards and penalties to groom its students. Classroom education has the advantage of face-to-face interactions with peers, which are typically moderated by an educator . It provides children, especially those in their early developmental years, with a stable environment for social interactions, helping them develop skills like boundary setting, empathy and cooperation. This also allows many room for spontaneity, unlike a virtual learning setup.

With the plethora of online learning platforms and learning management systems (LMS), out there, today it’s easy to create your own online school.

However, all comes with its own features, tools, and capabilities, and it’s important to settle on the one that's customized to your needs.

Are you wondering the way to start a web school? It’s easy. Follow the steps during this guide to launch a profitable online school effortless and on budget.

Starting a web academy in 2020 can mark the start of an exciting journey. With online learning becoming more widespread per annum , online courses are offering a simple and accessible way for everybody to find out a replacement skill and a chance to take a position in knowledge.


Online education within the context of schooling

As students’ reach higher classes, they seek more autonomy and intellectual freedom. Online learning can help them pursue highly individualised learning programmes, possibly even grade courses. These, combined with hands-on exercises, world exploration, and thorough assessments, are often highly beneficial to their learning progress. they will explore their options, by trying out introductory topics from different fields, before committing to a specialization.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

To Get Fast Updates Download our Apps:Android|iOS|Telegram

Stay connected with us for latest updates

Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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