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Saturday 19 June 2021

How To Download e-EPIC From

How to Download e-EPIC Card, Digital Voter ID Card Download

Next Date: Important instructions are given concerning the project of the celebration of "Eleven (11) National Voters' Day" all over the country on January 25, 2021, the essential details are given below:

 As per the guidelines of the Election Commission, in arrangement to celebrate the National Voters' Day-2021, prominence has been laid on advertising various technological initiatives appliance by the Commission to provide multiple services to the voters during the elections, especially during the COVID epidemic. For this, the Election Commission has advocated the following activities in addition to commence the past under normal circumstances in associate with the celebration of "National Voters' Day" in the state.

1. Focus on technological tools:

Special importance will be given on promoting the technological tools evolved by the Commission to assure transparency, free and fair election process at present-day as well as to reach the maximum electorate through more well planned publicity.

a) Launch of e-EPIC: E-EPIC will be inaugurated on the occasion of NVD-2021. Through which voters can download their voter ID card on their mobile or computer.

b) e-EPICometer: A control panel will be developed for monitoring e-EPIC downloaded on ECI / CEO's website.

c) Recognition through state / district level icons and other participants:

State / district level icons respective to technological innovation established by the Election Commission and. Dissemination of program on social media platforms by proper hashtags by the participants of civil society organizations, educational institutions etc. and mentioning the official accounts on social media likewise the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the Election Commission in such hashtags.

2. Comprehensive Communication Plan:

Organize advertising through electronic, digital and social media, messaging in groups. Collabrating with All India Radio, Doordarshan, FM Radio, Community Radio.

i. Using social media and digital media to unroll awareness in urban and semi-urban areas.

iji. SVEEP Digital Library ( for developing encouragement of literature

iv. Voter List Special Reform Program, Content enlarged during the election which displays the use of masks, hand gloves and maintaining social distance.

V. To hype voting awareness during the Corona pandemic and endeavor to increase confidence in the electoral system.

Important Link : - 

E- Epic પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


  • All general Voters with verified EPIC
  • Those freshers who registered between 25th to 31st Jan 2021
  • Summary revision 2020
  • 1st Feb 2021 onwards: All General electors

It will be a non-amendable secure PDF file of the EPIC (approx. 250 KB) can be loaded in mobile. A voter can keep the card on his mobile, upload it on Digi locker or print or laminate it. This is in extension to PVC EPIC being issued for fresh registrations.

How To Download e-EPIC ? 

 Download e-EPIC  Form

  • Vote Helpline Mobile app

vi. Hearten the expansive use of mobile applications such as Voter Helpline, PwD App, C-Vigil, Voter Turnout App, made for the cause of providing required information to the voters as well as obtaining information about registration,station location.

3. Media Engagement:

At the time of celebration of National Voters' Day, media agents should be there as well as media briefings on COVID-2019 guidelines and mandatory measures should be taken.

1. COVID-2019 Mask extensively used in Bihar Assembly general elections which was efficiently held during the pandemic and mainly for the safety of voters so on advertising  hand gloves, sanitizer, PPE Kit etc.

ii. To file and circulate the audio-video messages of the state / district figure regarding the security measures acquired in the elections held by the Commission during the period of COVID-2019.

ii. The DEO may also classify a phone-in program on radio and television in which voters may ask baffle questions in phone.

iii. A counter level official can dispose a phone-in program on community radio on election-related questions.

iv.Use of all types of media such as print, audio, outdoor promotions, FM radio, television, SMS, e-mails, social media, etc. to advertise the theme of  NVD-2021.

v. Supporting the theme of NVD-2021 in multiple government schemes, public service centers and programs. 

vi. Display NVD and related message posts and banners DEO, ERO, AERO, VFCS and more.

4. Use of multiple media platforms: To make account on social media platforms, television, cable networks etc. collaborative  for maximum range under SVEEP study to previal situation of COVID.

5. Use of Technology: As many as 30 different applications made by the Commission for use earlier, throughout and after the election and no election (as per Phase-I to IV written in the letter of Election Commission dated 07-01-2021).

6. Major activities to be performed at different levels:

i. In the brief ceremony on NVD, the counter level officer will have to give EPIC on 'Proud to be a Voter-Ready to Vote' GAG G (Badge) to the fresh voters in the agitated polling station area and take the undertaking provided by the Election Commission for NVD. If attainable, the program will have to be organized online, the District Election Officer will have to do important arrangements for the program to be organized.

ii Accelerated use of video and other like print and audio-visual media. Films sent by the Election Commission, videos for EVM-VVPAT awareness made in local language of state as well as district level, videos for voter registration etc. should be showed at the venue.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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