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Sunday 20 June 2021



9 April 1932, first ever Gujarati film Narsinh Mehta was released. Since its inception, Gujarati cinema witnessed major ups and downs. Gujaratis of our generation started watching Gujarati films after Abhishek Jain’s Kevi Rite Jaish. Not that urban Gujarati films weren’t made before Kevi Rite Jaish, but the way film was packaged and promoted lured the audience to the theaters. And audience started believing in Gujarati cinema once again. There was no looking back. Year after year, urban Gujarati movies started releasing and Gujaratis accepted the change wholeheartedly. Four years ago, filmmakers had to convince audience to watch their films and now audience wait for Gujarati movies to release. Today, as Gujarati cinema celebrates its anniversary, we present to you, the list of Top 15 Urban Gujarati movies you should not miss.

Top 15 Urban Gujarati movies

15. Chaar

Release year: 2011
Director: Naitik Raval
Genre: Action Drama
First ever urban Gujarati movie, directed by Naitik Raval, Chaar was released in December 2011. Story of the movie revolves around four friends and college politics. Chaar was first Gujarati film who’s rights were sold to make Tamil- Telugu version.

14. Hutututu

Release year: 2015
Director: Shital Shah
Genre: Drama
Hutututu is the first urban Gujarati movie directed by a female. Story of the film is based on youth, relationships, ambitions and the twist of destiny.

13. Aapne To Dhirubhai

Release year: 2014
Director: Haritrushi Purohit
Genre: Comedy
Directed by Haritrushi Purohit, Aapne To Dhirubhai is a comedy film which revolves around a college guy (played by Vrajesh Hirjee) who wants to be as rich as Dhirubhai Ambani. The same creates multiple business blunders and brings laughter riot for the audience. Aapne To Dhirubhai is second Gujarati film to have sold rights to south.

12. Saptapadii

Release year: 2013
Director: Niranjan Thade
Genre: Drama
Saptapadii is the first Gujarati movie produced by Amitabh Bachchan corporation. The movie stars Manav Gohil and Swaroop Sampat in lead roles. Story of the movie revolves around a contemporary Gujarati woman who risks her settled married life of 20 years to do what she believes in. The film was selected in 7 film festivals across 5 countries.

A must watch for cinema lovers.

11. Whisky is Risky

Release year: 2014
Director: Dhaval Patel
Genre: Drama
Whisky is Risky, directed by Dhaval Patel, is a tale of six individuals who live different lives but their paths collide because of a single choice that each of them made. The movie shows politics, crime, corruption, relationship and friendships. Plus point of the film is its music.

10. Romance Complicated

Release year: 2016
Director: Dhwani Gautam
Genre: Love Story/ Comedy
Romance Complicated was the first high budget Gujarati film. First Gujarati movie to be shot abroad. Directed by Dhwani Gautam, Romance Complicated, also known as RomCom is a love story of two youngsters. A must watch for youngsters.

9. Premji

Release year: 2015
Director: Vijaygiri Bawa
Genre: Drama
Premji depicts story of a boy who belongs to a Kutchi village who comes to Ahmedabad with a tragic past and struggles to know who he really is. Music and cinematography are plus points of Premji.

8. Bas Ek Chance

Release year: 2015
Director: Kirtan Patel
Genre: Drama
Bas Ek Chance is about a youngster who wants to make his career in film industry. It is about a guy who is waiting for the next big break and fighting with the family to follow his passion at the same time. The movie stars Aditya Kapadia, Rajeev Mehta, Falguni Dave and Bhakti Kubavat in lead roles. Cinematography and music are plus points of the film.

7. Kevi Rite Jaish

Release year: 2012
Director: Abhishek Jain
Genre: Drama
Kevi Rite Jaish is a story of a Gujarati family who wishes to send their son to US. The film is a satire on the obsession of Patels to migrate to US. The story revolves around Harish Patel’s struggle to get visa to USA. Kevi Rite Jaish was the first 

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