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Tuesday 24 May 2022

7 Apps to Watch Ads and Earn Money in India


 7 Apps to Watch Ads and Earn Money in India

Whether it is social media, TV, websites, or any other platform you will see  advertisements everywhere and most of them don't like to watch those boring ads but if I say that you can earn money by watching ads and earn money in India. 

Amazed,yes you heard correct. There are some apps and websites that let you earn money by watching ads or even videos even some of them give other ways to earn cash by taking paid online surveys, redeeming coupons, and completing tasks.

It's an easy task to do it will not require much investment as you can get paid to watch ads during your relaxing time, lunch break. Another way to earn is by watching videos, you have to simply run videos in the background while you are doing regular tasks.

Most of these money-making apps are available on Google Play Store some appss are free and some have to be paid.

How to sign-up for the apps?

Follow the steps;

Step1. Firstly download the app from the Play Store.

Step 2.Register from Google, Facebook or other platforms.

Step 3. Update your details in the app UI these step vary in other apps.

Below we have provided some money making apps:


Cash Buddy is unique money making app it helps you to earn money by performing tasks. Tasks difficulties vary some may b just watching youtube promotional video of particular product. It also has referral scheme means if you refer the app to others it ensures the guaranteed rewards.

These rewards are in range of between Rs.50. The ad credits are send to your Paytm wallet which you can be redeemed later on. It is available on Android.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a simple app that assists you earn by combining user-generated data. Google provides random surveys that are based on search popularity and public interest. 

Generally you get one survey in a week so your earning perfectly based on the survey that you made. The money you earn is credited to your wallet as Google Play credit. You can redeem the money on Play store paid apps. It is a great app for the beginners and as it is offered by Google it is geared up for Android users.

Roz Dhan

As the name says app gives daily money.You can start earning simply by signing up. App uses codes which are like coupons for the promised apps. Your earnings are given on Paytm app , you have very soothing seamless experience that you can find on Android.


UserFeel is  knowledgeable, highly productive and of course earning. This app permits you to help website owners to evaluate  their site’s strength in terms of UI/UX.  The every site you evaluate successfully you get 10 dollars and payment is done through Paypal.


Loco it is app which improves your knowledge and get money it permits you to earn money in the quiz more questions you get right you get more. The best part of this app that it is also available in Bengali, Marathi. In a day you can only attempt limited quiz to prevent misuse. Available on Play Store.


In mCent by performing referral tasks you get exciting rewards. it works ion both Ios and Android. In rewards you can get free mobile recharges through more sets of tasks. You can also earn by using affiliate links and by downloading some apps. the money is transferred into paytm account.  Additionally by inviting your friends can also earn.

Dream 11

This is a popular fantasy cricket app it is ruling on its popularity. You can sign up for free and also get money if you share it with your friends. Dream 11 is available on both Ios and android. In big contests you can try your luck to win big. It requires brain power, planning and execution but it's not much hard.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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