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Saturday 28 May 2022

Best Deals When Buying a Car in India

 Best Deals When Buying a Car In India

When you buy a car it is an important milestone in any family. It gives the feeling of achievement in life and becomes a symbol of status. Before buying a car you have to do a lot of research before deciding a car model. There are several factors that should be kept in mind while buying a car. Read our whole article when you should by the car and what deals you get.

When you are buying a car for the very first time you end up performing a lot of research to figure out which car model to buy and also choosing right deals is a big task. Above all this obtaining best price for the car you are buying. So take a look below when you should buy a car in India. 

1. End of the Month

At the end of the month car dealers to reach the monthly sales quota by month-end so chances of getting a great deals are high. To strive the sales the car dealer might offer you at a great price.So you can think of buying a car at the end of month.

2. End of the Year

Last  three months is good period to buy a car.It is behold that at the end of the year, car showrooms clear out the stocks of the warm models. And this period clashes with lots of festivals. So you get good offers and discount on outgoing model as the new models are received in the showrooms. You will save a lot of money by buying a car at the end of the year.

3. Start of the Week

Car showrooms operate at very high energy during the weekends. So I suggest that visit the car dealers at the beginning of the week to get best possible deals on the car you are looking to buy. And also there are very few people who come on weekdays so you get better attention and special discounts.

4. Seasonal Discounts

If you are planning to buy a car during special occasions such as festivals then you save a lot of cash. Car manufacturers and dealers come up with tempting deals during special occasions such as Independence Day, Diwali, etc. But on the other hand the waiting period of cars is increased in this period. due ot on-growing demand and attractive price.

5. In the Month of March

If you are into business hen the month of March is the best time to buy a car. You can save tax as in March the cost of vehicle will be considered as a business expense. The car brands bring you exciting discount offers to the buyers. 

6. New Year

The car manufacturers start giving offers in December, and it lasts till January. Generally,  customers want to purchase the vehicles manufactured in the new year. To clear the old models brands offers great discount to boost the sales of extrovert models the car makers be prone to increase the prices of the new models manufactured in January. As an example a car is getting upgraded in next year then the car brand will be clearing the stocks of the current year so they give you heavy discounts on the current model in December. When the new model is launched in January then its price is hiked to clear existing stock.

7. Just after the Car is Launched

Generally when the new car model is launched then brands offer introductory prices on it. Special discounts are available on the first thousand models. As the sales are boosted and the prices go up. But this offers are no valid on all the brands . So there is 50% chance of getting such deals.

8. Before the Price Hike

As we mentioned earlier car brands increase the prices of their vehicles during the start of a new year. It ranges in 2%-3% so it is not profitable to wait for the new year.In this situations we would suggest you to buy a new car at the end of the year i.e December.

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