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Friday 29 July 2022

10 Hidden iPhone Features That Will Make You More Productive

10 retired iPhone Features That Will Make You More Productive 


You are presumably not using some of Apple's most useful iOS features. 

With the iPhone, Apple has created an work system with different layers. On the face, it's enough simple to use. But look around a bit, and you will find a whole new world of useful features that'll help you boost your productivity. 

But, rather than spending hours poking your nose into the recesses and cracks of iOS to find out the stylish settings to use, we'll show you everything you need to know right then. 


1. Set Up a Focus Mode 


Your iPhone has a Focus point, analogous to Do Not Disturb. You can set it up so you are not bothered with announcements while you should be working or studying. 

You can produce different Focus modes for your entire day. You can indeed record and automate different Focus modes so your iPhone knows when you do not want to be bothered. 

Then is how to set up a Focus mode on iPhone. 

Open the Settings app. 

Select Focus. 

Tap the plus button in the top right control of your screen. 

elect the Focus mode you want to produce. 


still, enter the name you want to use, and choose the color and icon you want, If you choose to produce a custom Focus mode. 

Choose the people you want to admit announcements from. also valveAllow.However, valve Allow None, If you do not want any announcements. 

elect the allowed apps for announcements and valveAllow.However, valve Allow Only Time Sensitive or Allow None, If you do not want any app announcements. 

 your claim is refused.

 સંપુર્ણ પ્લાન ગુજરાતીમા વાંચવા અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

Eventually, valve Done. 


And that is it. You've successfully created your own Focus mode. However, you can also try the Sleep or Work Focus Modes your iPhone has by dereliction, If you want. 


To turn your Focus mode on, open the Control Center on your iPhone, valve Focus, and elect the Focus mode you want. 


2. Use Your iPhone’s time-out point 


The iPhone's time-out point is perfect for blocking distractions that affect your focus and productivity. Only the apps and dispatches you choose will be available when you use Downtime. You can indeed produce schedules for your iPhone to automatically enable time-out when you know it's time to get to work. This is how you can turn this point on 


Open the Settings app. 

Tap Screen Time. 

Scroll down and valve time-out. 

Select Turn On time-out Until hereafter. 


You can also toggle listed on to customize when you want time-out to be active. You will need to produce app and communication limits too. Do not worry; just keep reading to find out how. 


3. Set Time Limits for Your utmost habituated Apps 


There is no mistrustfulness that numerous of us spend further time on apps and games than we should. Watching vids on TikTok can be delightful, but it's also time- consuming. Fortunately, your iPhone lets you set time limits for any apps you use, so you do not waste time when you need to get the work done. 


To set time limits for anyone app, do the following 

Open Settings. 

Select Screen Time. 

Tap App Limits. 

Tap Add Limit. 

Choose the order you want. 


elect the app or game you want. You can also tap the order again to elect all games or apps. 


Tap Next. 


Choose the time limit you want. You can also class Customize Days to choose if you want a bigger time limit for a specific day. 

Once you are done, valve Add. 

You can do this with all the other apps and games you need. When you set an app limit, the apps will be limited across all your Apple bias that use the same Apple ID account. 


4. Set Communication Limits 


Just like you can limit the time you spend using an app, you too can set communication limits so you do not get distracted when you need to concentrate. This is what you need to do 


Open Settings. 

Tap Screen Time. 

Select Communication Limits. 

Choose During Screen Time and also elect between Connections Only, Connections & Groups with at Least One Contact, or Everyone. 

Choose During time-out and also elect between Specific Connections orEveryone.However, choose the connections you want, If you tap Specific Connections. 

The Communication Limits feature will apply to Phone, FaceTime, dispatches, and iCloud connections. 


5. Disable App announcements 


still, you can attack your apps one by one and disable announcements altogether, If using a Focus mode is not enough. This will guarantee you will noway be detracted by any gratuitous app or game. Then is what you need to do 


Open the Settings app. 

Scroll down and elect the app you want. 

Tap announcements. 

Toggle Allow announcements off. 


still, you can always enable announcements again by following the same way, If you suppose that is a bit too harsh. You can add the announcements to a slated Summary as well. 

6. produce a announcement Summary 


still, you should try setting up and using the announcement summary on your iPhone, If you want to get announcements at specific times of the day. 

With a slated Summary, you will see a summary of all your announcements in the schedules you choose. Then is how to turn this point on 


Open the Settings app. 

Scroll down and elect announcements. 

Tap slated Summary. 

Toggle Scheduled Summary on. 

Under listed, valve Add Summary to produce your own schedule. 


still, you can elect the apps you want in your summary, If you scroll down. Keep in mind that your iPhone will still notify time-sensitive announcements incontinently. 


7. snappily Switch Between Your Apple Devices With Hand off

You can snappily switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Handoff. This point will let you use the same app on different Apple bias without losing progress. So, for illustration, if you are browsing the web on your iPhone but want to view that website on your Mac, Handoff will let you open Safari on Mac with the same web runner open. 


To use Hand off, you need to insure this point is enabled on your Apple bias. 

How to warrant Hand off on iPhone and iPad 

Open Settings. 

Go to General. 

Select AirPlay & Handoff. 

Turn Handoff on. 

How to enable Handoff on Mac 

Select System Preferences. 

Click General. 

Click Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud bias. 


All your Apple bias will need to use the same Apple ID, and you will also need to turn on your Wi- Fi and Bluetooth. 

Once you have everything covered, you can use Handoff on your iPhone by penetrating the AppSwitcher.However, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and if you have an iPhone with Touch ID, If you have an iPhone with Face ID. 

You should see a small communication at the bottom of your screen that says the app's name and where it's coming from. Tap it, and you will be diverted to the same app. 

For iPad and Mac, you should see the handoff app right in the wharf. 


8. Use Universal Clipboard 


Universal Clipboard lets you copy commodity( textbook or print) from your iPhone and bury it directly on your Mac or iPad( andvice-versa). The participated clipboard lasts for two twinkles, so it does not disrupt your original clipboard. 

To use this point, you first need to enable Wi- Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone and your other Apple device. Next, make sure you are using the same Apple ID on both bias and that you enable Handoff as we preliminarily showed you. 

also, just copy the textbook from one device, and bury it onto another. 

9. Use Safari Extensions 


Ever since iOS 15, Apple eventually brought Safari extensions to the iPhone. Just like on a Mac, you can take lead of Safari extensions on your iPhone to maximize productivity. 

You will first need to search for an app with an extension on the App Store. subsequently, you will need to go to Settings> Safari> Extensions and also toggle all the extensions you want to use. 

There are numerous stupendous Safari extensions to download on your iPhone right now, but if you want to pierce all extensions available, you can tap further Extensions. 

10. Siri's Hidden Productivity Prowess 


While you've used Siri multiple times, perhaps you have not used it to maximum your productivity. Siri can help you add particulars to your Reminders app, shoot emails, and indeed read your dispatches. The sky is the limit. 

Siri works with third- party apps as well. You can being by trying simple Siri commands on your Mac or iPhone. It might take a while to get used to it, but Siri can boost your productivity snappily. 


Let Your iPhone Take Care of the Rest 


Your iPhone has some amazing erected- in features that'll help you control how you spend your time. However, these productivity tips will help you make the most out of your iPhone, make better habits and boost your productivity, If you are having trouble fastening at work.

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