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Tuesday 19 July 2022

Top 10 Longest and Biggest Bridges in India

Top 10 Longest and Islands in India 

India's Longest Islands 

It's correctly said that islands are the roads to success. In India, islands are an important factor in assessing the structure health of the country. The primary purpose of a ground is to connect unconnected places. The secondary purpose of erecting islands is to decongest roads and ease business. Whenever a ground is erected, in India or anywhere differently, it brings further business avenues, reduces trip time, and increases job openings. 

In this composition, you'll find the biggest islands ever made in India! 


List of Longest Islands in India( Combined Road and Rail) 

Still, we find that Bihar has the most number of longest islands, If we nearly dissect the below table. As South India is better developed compared to the North, it comes as a affable surprise to see this domination. There are 5 islands out of 10 from Bihar, 2 from Assam, 1 each from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala. 


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1.Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Bridge(9.15 KM), Assam 


This is designed as a ray ground. Beam islands are the simplest form when it comes to designing these type of structures. 

Also known as Dhola- Sadiya ground, the lately opened ground is the longest ground in India. This connects the countries of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. With important fanfare, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated this stating that a dream is fulfilled. The idea of this was first conceived by the also Chief Minister Mukut Mithi of Arunachal Pradesh in 2003. It took 14 long times to complete and the work was presto- tracked only in 2011. 


2. Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Bihar 

Gandhi Setu, or Ganga Setu, is an engineering phenomenon. Like the first one, this was as well thrown open by the also PM Indira Gandhi. This reminds us the significance of the construction of these islands. By the alternate name, you'd have gotten a fair idea that this is erected over swash Ganga. Like numerous structure systems in India, this also saw tremendous detention and regulatory hurdles before completion. 


The work on this started in 1972 when the original cost was pegged atRs.23.50 crore and listed for completion by 1978. When it eventually saw the day of the light in 1982 the cost to the bankroll wasRs. 87 crore which is close to 4 times of the original estimate. 

3. Bandra- Worli Sea Link(5.57 KM), Maharashtra 


In my opinion, this is the most beautiful ground in India. This connects Bandra exurb to Worli in Mumbai. After completion, the trip time reduced to 10 twinkles from the before 60 twinkles. The overall construction cost of this isRs. 750 crore which makes this as one of the dear ground in India. 


 4. Bogibeel Bridge(4.94 KM), Assam 

Bogibeel ground is the longest rail- cum- road ground in India. This connects the sections of Dibrugarh and Dhemaji. This is erected over the Brahmaputra swash and provides connectivity to the total of upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. 


The upper sundeck of the ground is a 3- lane thruway and the lower sundeck is a 2- line broad hand road. The engineering design format is known as stilt islands. This type of ground is fairly provident to construct and maintain. The Ikutsuki ground in Nagasaki, Japan is the longest nonstop stilt ground in the world. 

5. Vikramshila Setu(4.7 KM), Bihar 

Another bone

from Bihar named after the ancient literacy center of Pala Empire. Nalanda, the further notorious ancient educational institute is Vikramshila's contemporary. In the ultramodern day environment, this ground connects NH80 and NH31. This provides connectivity to numerous sections of Bihar videlicet Naugachia, Purnia, and Kathiar. 


Demands for erecting another resemblant ground alongside this is on the rise. The ground gests severe business traffic at times. Considering this, Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar gave his go- ahead to prepare a feasibility report in 2016. 

 6. Vembanad Rail Bridge(4.62 KM), Kerala 


This is erected on the graphic Vembanad Lake. Also called Edappally- Vallarpadam ground as it connects both these places. The ground was opened for public in 2011 and is the biggest one in Kerala. The ground was constructed by Shapoorji Pallonji Group which is one of the major structure companies grounded in India. 

Strategically erected and is immensely important as Vallarpadam is a unqualified pilgrim center. Vallarpadam also has an transnational transshipment vessel outstation which helps in easing trade from this region. 


7. Digha – Sonpur Bridge(4.55 KM), Bihar 

The terrain of Bihar is similar that swash Ganges divides it into two corridor. That brings forward a major chain for transportation. Hence erecting these types of islands is a long- term result. 


This is the fourth largest in Bihar and seventh great in India. The rail- cum- road ground provides connectivity to north and south of this eastern state. To make full use of this ground, road station of Patliputra and Bharpura have been erected on either side of it.

8. Arrah – Chhapra Bridge(4.65 KM), Bihar 


This is a four- way road ground connecting two major metropolises of Bihar. The metropolises of Arrah and Chapra are connected via this link. Arrah is a historically important place whereas Chapra has a constantly visited Ambika tabernacle. According to estimates, this ground reduced the distance of traveling from 120 km to 21 km. Now people have the option of the direct route rather than taking a diversion towards Patna. 


Officially named as Veer Kunwar Singh ground and bring further than 800 crores. 

 9. Godavari Bridge(4.13 KM), Andhra Pradesh 


This is one of the three islands erected then above Godavari swash. The oldest bone

was decommissioned in 1997 to replace the Godavari bow ground which is a single line rail ground. With utmost of the girding area developed the construction of a thruway was ineluctable. So, to condense the growth a new rail- cum- road link was erected. 

10. Munger Ganga Bridge(3.69 KM), Bihar 


The tenth largest ground is also erected above the mythologically important swash of India, the Ganga. The building of this took a whole circle when it was opened by PM Modi in 2016. I say that because it wasMr.A.B. Vajpayee who inaugurated the construction in 2002 when he was the high minister. 


As with numerous others on this list, there were several detainments performing in cost overruns. Indeed after numerous days of the completion, the road ground isn't opened as the government is still in addresses to acquire land on both sides of the ground. 

utmost Common Types of Islands in India 


My analysis of all the major islands in India brings forward the findings that beam, band, string- stayed, and girder islands are the most common designs. The sluice of architectural studies also mentions these and suspense islands as the introductory types. The Dhola- Sadiya is an stupendous illustration of ray ground whereas the Bandra- Worli ocean link is designed as a string- stayed ground.

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