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Tuesday 16 August 2022

International Yoga Day

Transnational Yoga Day 


Yoga can mean different effects to different people, but the description of Yoga comes from its ancient Sanskrit root word “ yuj ” which means “ to servitude ” or “ to join ”. Yoga is a physical, internal and spiritual practice that began in ancient India that aims to produce a union between the mind, body, and spirit, as well as between the individual tone and universal knowledge. This union allows the individual to neutralize or combat pride- driven studies, actions, and speech, creating a path towards a spiritual awakening. 

Yoga has been rehearsed for thousands of times and during this time numerous different interpretations and styles have been developed. Having said that, utmost people tend to agree that the ultimate thing of yoga is to achieve freedom from pain and suffering. Although each academy or tradition of yoga has its own emphasis and practices, utmost focus on bringing together body, mind and breath as a means of altering energy or shifting knowledge. 


These eight roads or paths are known as the ‘ Eight branches of Yoga ’, which offers a companion or roadmap to individualities who are devoted to completely immersing themselves into creating a union between the mind, body, and spirit. Each of the Eight branches describes a way of life that's centered around integrity, tone- discipline, and respect for nature and connection with the spiritual aspects of life. Then's a brief description of those Eight branches 

Yamas – Five universal, ethical and moral observances to live by( pacifism, probity,non-stealing, continence andnon-covetousness) 

Niyamas – Five spiritual and tone- discipline observances( cleanliness, pleasure, spiritual austerities, study of Holy Writ and surrender to God) 

Asana – physical posture, firstly intended only for seated contemplation, but more lately acclimated to encompass all physical yoga practices 

Pranayama – breathing exercises to control the inflow of prana( vital life force) 

Pratyahara – pullout of the senses 

Dharana – Single pointed attention 

Dhyana – Contemplation 

Samadhi – Liberation or joyful union with the Divine 


Although ultramodern seminaries of yoga similar as Jivamukti, Bikram and Sivananda offer a different perspective or an indispensable interpretation, utmost yoga practices are embedded in the same philosophical generalities and practices as Patanjali’s Eight branches. In addition, yoga can also be used as a remedial tool for numerous physical and internal conditions, and mind- body exploration is now showing its effectiveness as a treatment for a variety of issues, including anxiety, habitual pain, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular complaint, to name but a many. 


No matter who you are, where you are, or what's going on in your life, yoga can play an integral part in your overall health and good. It may have started to address physical requirements, emotional requirements, or for a deeper appreciation of your church, but it does n’t always affect in those possible benefits. Hopefully over time it can ameliorate all of these aspects of heartiness in your life, but if for some reason it does n’t feel to be working, it may be helpful to observe a different style of yoga. 

Flash back, your yoga practice is unique and particular to you. When entering your yoga( asana) practice, I largely recommend you follow these way to be sure you ’re allowing each disguise to serve your body, rather of letting outside prospects mandate some unattainable norm or “ thing ” 


Ask yourself What's gumming you in this disguise? For illustration Where is there pressure? Is my body compressed in this disguise? Can I breathe deeper into this disguise for further of a deeper stretch? 

Always be curious and discern between what you can control and what's beyond your control. 


produce your intention around tone- discovery in your practice. 


The overarching thing for your yoga practice should be embedded in celebrating your unique deconstruction with curiosity and tone- compassion AND NOTHING ELSE! 

further than anything, be compassionate. It’s important to not beat yourself up when contrast your practice to other people because, we should all know that “ comparison is the pincher of joy ”. So, do n’t take the joy and wonder out of your practice by fastening on what someone differently may be suitable to do on their yoga mat. Everyone has a different cadaverous makeup, different muscles and connective towel, and histories that have brought them to this exact moment in time. Your body is the only one like it, so accept it and meet yourself where you are, every single day, when you get on that mat.

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