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Wednesday 7 October 2020



As 2,000 students have been admitted under the fee waiver scheme, 24,000 students have been admitted in the first round of Diploma Engineering in the first round of vacancies. Of these, 38983 were those who counted under the Fee Weavers Scheme and 31950 seats were vacant. This student does not live in the first round. So now there are 4,000 students who have to make a choice for 31 government, aided colleges and 106 self-reliant admissions in engineering in diploma, who have joined the college for the second round from today. 

 There are 19091 seats in government colleges and 1512 in grant-in-aid. A total of 20603 seats are available in 14th. Thus 50 per cent of the self-supporting colleges were instructed. Fees are not paid for this reason. Since this student has given the seat to the administrators to fill, the remaining 50 per cent will be allotted to the college if they want to participate in the second round on the basis of choice filling. 34824 seats also have to be filled by the admission committee. Thus, government and colleges were allotted. Admission in the first round or in any other college Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad becomes self-sufficient. The Admission Committee has 55950 seats. In the first round, 33833 students were confirmed to have been allotted seats in the college, but the admission was confirmed by the student, which was the highest in the government. Chances are. However, in the current year, after the big 1 Std-10 Diploma in Engineering, the college has a computer, IT. The first round saw a rush of 1264 students in the Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Branch and a number of students for admission in Diploma Engineering. Corona is getting college confirmation this year due to IR's self-reliant choice filling. Admission The college was allotted the most if the student gets admission in a government college rather than taking admission in a college. In the first round a total of 33833 are choosing to take first. Given this situation, government colleges could not. At present, the total number of seats to be filled by the college committee is less vacant. The 5th number allotted to them is 55950. If the admission is confirmed by paying the fee till the allotment of admission to the student at the meeting, then the calculation is as follows. Thus, at the end of the first round, the students who were allotted admission were instructed to take post-Std-10 diploma in engineering. At the end of the round, 31950 seats have been vacated and they have been registered to pay the fees, out of which a total of 55950 seats have been completed by the admissions committee. Currently, the deadline for the second round, Choice, expired yesterday and 8,000 students have not paid their fees. This was for the seat as it had to be filled now. In which the process of filling the members of the Admissions Committee has been started. Is missed. Importantly, 33832 second students were registered from today till the 11th. It is said that the choice filling process was for about 24 thousand students till the next 11th. Out of the approximately 24 thousand students, there was a choice filling process for the round. In which 40301 students have confirmed the admission by paying the registration fee in the second round on the 14th on the basis of the admission confirmation. Has been started. Was conducted. Merit has been obtained by the Admissions Committee. 2 thousand students will be allotted to the college.


For the first time, 1 lakh 28 thousand students who failed in two subjects were examined, the examination was completed in seven days and 14 sessions. The supplementary examination of Std-12 general stream was completed, the possibility of result in the current month itself. Were. The supplementary examination process was started from last 28th September by announcing in different universities. Was started on vacant seats. In which approximately 86 first time seven days and 14 thousand students had filled the form to be given admission in one subject examination session from two and a half lakh in two subjects. After completing the supplementary examination of this extra student, Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad position was given in two subjects in other stream. In the morning and afternoon, the supplementary examination was conducted in two sessions of failing students. Even in the general stream when Gujarat is secondary and higher, 348 buildings in 35 zones of the state and 3,052 blocks of students who failed in two subjects taken by the Board of Secondary Education. Students were arranged to take the exam. In the current month alone, approximately 1 lakh 28 thousand representations were reached in this examination. The students whose results were to be declared were present. In the first investigation there is the possibility of a subject by the board. As two students have appeared for the examination from the current year instead of the supplementary examination of the two subject examinations taken 1 lakh 28 thousand times, 40 per cent result is likely to be declared even if the result is decided to take the subject examination by the end of this month. Came. In addition to this, for thousands of students in one subject, the result of Std. 12 general stream in the first year has to be processed for admission in the college after filling the form of the students who failed. At present Gujarat Uni. Those who failed in the subject including were instructed to fill their supplement. Vacant examinations were conducted in different universities. This time too, the board, which has failed in one subject by passing the supplementary examination on the seats in the supplementary examination of two subjects, can accommodate approximately 1 lakh 28 thousand students. 

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