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Friday 20 May 2022

Save Your Eyes If You Stare at Screens All Day


 Save Your Eyes From The Screen

You can try your 100 % but some of us are though the slaves of the screen. We spend near about 7-8 hours staring at screens every day and the main component of it is smartphones we open and close approximately 150 times a day. Digitalisation of things has got so worse  that people are suffering from nomophobia, a fear of being without their mobile device.

The screen obsession is causing short-term discomfort and potentially long-term damage to our bodies.Every 7 people out of 10 report for the digital eye strain which includes lots of symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, and lack of focus these are  the results if your are on screens for long period of time.

It's just not the staring problem "Just using your eyes doesn’t hurt your eyes" stated by Lisa Park M.D., an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Medical Center.. As we are seeing  the screens we blink our eyes less than we should do so it dries the eyes and sometimes itchiness.

We also have to think about the blue light emitted by the desktops and smartphones. This blue light sends a signal to your brain to stop producing melatonin the hormone which regulates the sleep cycle. Researchers also tell that over the time it also damages the retina.

If you have a desk job it don't mean you are destined.Lisa recommends to look up your screen every 15 minutes and staring at something that’s far away to let your eyes adjust again. As we cannot get away from the screens we have some tools to take care of your eye :

1. f.lux

If you cannot stop scrolling the feed at the bedtime then f.lux will help you. This program changes the blue light on the basis of the time on the day-crisp, and bright in the morning at the eve it becomes goldish.It is a goo trick to feel you sleepy while watching the screen. Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone/iPad.

2. Twilight

If you are using an Android then you have the app Twilight. It is similar to the f.lux  it changes the light emitted by screen based on your local sunrise an sunset times. Basically the apps changes the hue of the screen.

3. Calise

This app is more than not just changing the hue it adapts the brightness it uses you computer webcam to capture data on your light environment at given time and adjusts the light accordingly. It is available on Mac, Windows, Linux.

4. eyeCare

This is a chrome extension for your eyecare it has a 20-20-20 rule.Every 20 minutes yo have to look 20 feet off for 20 seconds. It is in inbuilt extension but you can customise it if you want to include eye exercise in it. 

5. Time Out

this app is the best for them who spend to desk all the day.Get Time out this app will automatically dims down the screen to give you a 10-minute break/hour or 10-seconds break/10 minutes. You can customise this program to play soothing music during the break. if you are in burden of work o worries you can skip the break if you feel interrupted. Works only on Apple.

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